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Privacy Policy

MirrorLightMagnifier About handling of personal information

[About this document]
This document describes the handling of personal information of application MirrorLightMagnifier operating on Android OS provided by KYFactory.

[Collection of information]
MirrorLightMagnifier automatically acquires the following authority when using this application under the user's consent at the time of installation / upgrade.

· Access to camera, flash and autofocus
Acquisition authority: CAMERA / (hardware.) Camera / (hardware.) Camera.flash / (hardware.) Autofocus
Purpose of acquisition: To realize mirror function, light function, magnifying glass function by camera
· Automatically starts at startup
Acquisition authority: RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED
Purpose of acquisition: Because of the function that automatically resides at startup
· Internet access
Acquisition authority: INTERNET
Purpose of acquisition: for advertisement display
· Acquisition of network status
Acquisition authority: ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE
Purpose of acquisition: same as above

KYFactory does not use acquisition authority for purposes other than the above.
Also, personal information is automatically used by the function of the application.We will not send it to KYFactory and third parties.
In this application, Google AdMob is used to display the advertisement.

[Disclosure and provision of information]
We will not transfer personal information including those acquired through inquiries etc, regardless of the request based on the legal request, regardless of the transmission, disclosure, or charge-free of charge to third parties.

[About revision of this document]
This privacy policy may be revised for functional changes and improvements of applications.
   When revised, we notify users through application upgrade, but we will post it in this application support web site so that it can always be viewed without limitation.
   In cases where individual consent acquisition is required, we ask for consent through pop-up when upgrading the application.

[Contact Information]
For inquiries regarding this matter, please send to the following e-mail address.

Create: 2017/2/22